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Why Servicing your Hot Water System Should Be a Regular Occurrence

We all have a need for constant hot water and whether your water is heated by gas or electric, the system does require regular inspection and maintenance.  We often take things for granted and expecting hot water to pour out of the tap on command is something we are all guilty of. The system will only perform as it should if the correct maintenance is carried out at regular intervals and with plumbing experts who specialise in servicing hot water systems, this can easily be arranged.

Preventative Maintenance

This is the key to keeping repairs to a minimum and if the system is inspected at regular intervals, there is less likelihood of a major repair being necessary. Whether you need hot water in Adelaide or any other part of Australia, the experts are only a call away and should your system be in need of replacement, the technician would be able to recommend a suitable replacement system that will provide you with many years of trouble-free use.

Replacing the Boiler

If your hot water tank is not performing as it should, it might be time for a replacement and the best way to tell is to ask a local plumber to assess the boiler’s condition. If repair is not the best solution, the plumber would be able to recommend several makes and models, such as Bosch, Quantum, Rinnai Rheem and Dux, to name but a few.

Variety of Power Sources

Your water heater might be gas driven, electric or even solar powered and an established plumber would be able to work on any system and would be manufacturer approved, ensuring quality workmanship. In many cases, a faulty water heater can be repaired, but should the plumber feel a replacement is a wiser choice, he would recommend removing the heater and replacing it with a new model. Solar powered water heaters are becoming very popular as this renewable energy system saves you a lot of money in the long term.

Prolong the Life of your Water Heater

While every hot water system has an expected lifespan, regular servicing will certainly prolong the system’s ability to perform and by contacting a local plumber, you can arrange for him to inspect the system at regular intervals. There are many things that can go wrong with a water heater and in the event it does not work as it should, the best thing to do is ask your local plumber to investigate,

Government Rebates

There are government rebates in some states for water heater replacement and your local plumber would be able to tell you whether or not you qualify. All Australian states offer a rebate if you install a low energy renewable system in an effort to encourage homeowners to change to a system that is more energy efficient.

If your water heater is serviced regularly, it should provide hot water for many years and in the event it needs to be replaced, there are low energy renewable systems that use much less power than their traditional counterparts.

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