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What Jobs You Should Never Ask Your Maid to Do

Maids are usually hired for normal housekeeping tasks like vacuuming, laundry, dish cleaning, scrubbing floors and washing the bathroom. Many will even get extra chores like watching the children and cooking. However, there are several jobs that merely aren’t appropriate to inquire about your maid to complete as part of their normal responsibilities. These jobs exceed what’s safe or simple for the typical maid to do.

Heavy-lifting If your job requires your maid to lift something which has ended 20 pounds, it is normally no appropriate job to assign them. Heavy-lifting jobs like moving furniture, moving heavy boxes or transferring adults who’ve mobility issues are high-risk jobs that you simply should not assign for your maid. These jobs have the possibility for any serious back injuries, be responsible for lawsuits and lots of financial problems. Generally, if there’s heavy-lifting involved, you will need to hire somebody who has the gear or training to complete these jobs securely or do them yourself.

Hazardous Materials Clearing up hazardous materials is yet another job that you won’t want to ask your maid to complete. Hazardous materials include human waste, fluids, medical needles, chemical spills and enormous regions of mold. In certain households a maid could be specifically educated to handle human waste and medical needles, however, the typical maid or cleaning service won’t accept assignments that cope with hazardous materials. These jobs will have to be hired to niche cleaning services. Climbing Ladders It’s not reasonable to inquire about a maid to complete chores which involve climbing a tall ladder, for example washing second story home windows or cleaning extra high shelves. Some maids may accept these kinds of jobs, but letting them do these jobs could be dangerous as falls and injuries can happen because of focusing on a ladder.

Generally, it is advisable to make use of a contractor that carries their very own workers comp and insurance to accomplish these jobs for you personally. Assigning Jobs to Household Workers When assigning jobs for your household workers, you have to make certain that you simply suit your jobs using the abilities of the workers. Maids are designed for much of your housekeeping chores however, avoid assigning them jobs that need heavy-lifting, handling hazardous materials or climbing tall ladders. If you have jobs that need special skills, training or strength, you need to hire a completely independent contractor that carries their very own insurance. This can prevent any sort of accident occurring and lower your financial and legal risks.

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