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Ways to Determine if the Neighbourhood Where You are Moving to is Safe

The first thing to check before you decide to move to a new place is the safety of the neighbourhood. You do not want to put your entire family at risk by moving to an area with a high record of criminality. It does not matter even if the property is cheap. If it is in an unsafe neighbourhood, you need to keep looking for other options. These tips will help you determine if it is safe for you to move to a new area.

Use crime mapping websites

You can find crime mapping services online provided by the police. They collect information on the crimes committed in the area and break them down by category. You will know which crimes took place in the neighbourhood that you are looking at and when the last incident was. You will then see if it is safe for you to pursue your plan of moving there.

Check the public sex offender website

It would be problematic living next to someone who committed a sex offence in the past. Some sex offenders stay in jail for a long time, while others cut their time short. You need to be cautious when living next to these people. It does not mean that you judge them for being incapable of changing their past. You only want to secure your kids. You cannot take any risk at all.

Determine the number of homes for sale in the area

You might feel overwhelmed as you try looking at the properties for sale or rent in an area. You think that it is good to see these options in one location. You might fail to realise that it is already a sign that the neighbourhood is unsafe. The primary reason why several homes are for sale is that the previous owners decided to leave. Drugs, gang wars, prostitution and burglary, are among the common problems that force homeowners out of their houses.

Check the condition of the houses

Well-kept homes are a sign that the neighbours are responsible. They love their property so much, and they want to keep it in perfect condition. However, if you look around and start seeing dilapidated walls, rusty gates, messy lawns, and lots of repair issues, it means that the people are irresponsible or are not even residing there anymore. These are red flags that should tell you it is unsafe living there.

Have a chat with the neighbours

You need to know if you can have simple conversations with the people in the area. If you can introduce yourself to them and have a polite discussion, you might love hanging around with them for a long time. If you feel that the neighbours are rude and unwilling to talk to strangers, you need to keep searching.

Take your time making sure that the neighbourhood is safe enough for your family. Once you are ready to leave, you can contact Removals Cheltenham to help you pack your stuff.

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