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Walk-in to Great Savings

You’ve finally convinced your husband to give you the closet of your dreams.  Now that the kids are out of the house, that walk-in closet is just a few weeks away from being yours.  The studs are up, the walls are going in, and now it’s time to fine-tune the details.  There’s one choice you’ve got to make and once you do, you’ll have to live with it, and that’s lighting.  You know that natural daylight is the best choice for the most realistic looking results, but if that’s not an option, you have to decide on another way to get the look you want in your suite.  Some say that you can avoid dull, flat looking makeup by using halogen light which looks a lot like sunlight.  But the hot new go-to, is a ring light from a company called DVE.   Since leading fashion vloggers have raved that it’s the must have of the century, the store can barely keep them in stock.

Another source for makeup advice is the professionals at Sephora.  They are experts in the art of making you look your best in flattering light, and offer classes to help you understand why certain makeup is better for you and your skin type.  It really comes down to using the basics in the right way.  Light changes throughout the day and you’ll find it impossible to adjust your make up as you hurry from office to meetings, then to your side-gig, but you can develop a basic knowledge of what works for your skin tone from the pros.  You can find the classes they offer on their website, and sign up for the ones that will fit your needs and schedule best.  They might not have a strong opinion on what lighting to use in your walk-in closet at home, but they will make sure you look great when you leave it.  While you’re at it, be sure to use Groupon promo codes to activate significant discounts on Sephora products.  You’ll find them on the Groupon site and can use some of them instore and online.

Then when you’re are ready to upload your selfie to Instagram, you’ll be flawless and fierce.

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