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How Would You Make Out Carpenter Ants To Get Rid Of Them

Black and red carpenter ants are commonly found in Canada. These ants are observed in different forms and sizes. Most people are sticking to ways to abolish them because of all the damage they cause to the formation of their house or office. They come because of food, moisture and decay. They follow their queen everywhere therefore, killing them will not solve the purpose but, you need to find their hiding place and suck them out through vacuum.

You will always see them moving in line in hunt of food and water. Sometimes, there are winged ants that fly to escape the wild. It is generally in spring, where ants make their nest inside any structure. Carpenter ants start their nest with the number of 20 or 30. However, with time they multiply. During winter, they look for warmer place to hide.

The red fourmis charpentières is black in colour with red or sometimes brown hue, whereas the black ant is dark black in colour with brown hues. They majorly cause damage to any wooden structure. The presence of sweet food in or outside the house attracts these ants. They can also feed on plant and animal waste. They aren’t like termites that feed wood, but carpenter ants build nest in woods thereby destroying it as they dig in to hide their nest.

There are many pest control agencies that offer services to get rid of these ants, but if you still want to do it yourself then here are few tips that you need to follow –

  • Find all the nests in your house or office. This can be done by following the ants to their location.
  • There may be many nests but, you need to find the queen.
  • Remove all products that are feeding the ants and use pest control to eliminate them.

It is good to keep your house neat and clean. All nearby nests are always in contact with main nest, thus whenever you see ants carrying larvae from one place to another then, it means that the main nest is overcrowded and ants are looking for new shelter for space. Never put any harmful chemicals on the nest. They may penetrate your house or underground water, thereby contaminating it.

When you’re unable to abolish the nest then remove favourable surrounding. Branches, garden hose, trees, wires, fences and many more can provide an easy path for the ants to enter your premise. Therefore, try removing them as far as possible from your location, but please do not cut trees.

Here are few things that can assist you in controlling ants –

  • Sprays
  • Ant dust
  • Ant poison
  • Ant traps

Getting a proficient to do this work is better than handling them all alone. They are skilled experts who know how to get rid of ants without messing.

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