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Do You Think It’s Time to Replace Your Window Blinds? Look Out for these Warning Signs!

According to recent research, people change out their window covering every 7 to 8 years on average.” If you have had window blinds for a while, it is essential to inspect them for any wear and tear.

When’s the last time you replaced your window blinds? Don’t you remember the last time you changed the blinds out? Don’t fret! Here we’ve compiled a few signs that you need to look for!

Bending and Warping

One of the clearest signs that your blinds need replacement is warping or bending in the slats. When exposed to too much moisture or heat, the blinds start to warp, which is a clear sign that indicates they need instant replacement. In some cases, bends aren’t clear, so be sure to raise the blinds to check whether they sit properly.

Hard to Raise

Most of the times, blinds require great support to raise them which could be a possible sign of potential damage or danger. If you face any difficulty in raising or lowering window blinds, it could be due to the damage in the lift mechanism. Keep in mind, applying too much force to the blinds could cause them to fall out of the window. This affects the functionality of the blinds and requires immediate attention.

Discolouration in Slats

If your window blinds online are really yellowed and look something more like a rotten banana, then the discolouration is due to material deterioration. This hints that your window blinds will not last long and it’s time to ditch them.

Slats Don’t Close Tightly

Your tilt mechanism has probably worn out if the slats of your blinds don’t close tightly as they used to do. Without re-cording your whole blinds, it is difficult to fix the issue in this piece. Replacing the whole unit might be the better option.

Frayed Cords

These are the sure signs to replace your window blinds and indicate that the internal mechanisms are causing damage to the cord.

Safety Issues

According to the Australian child safety law, the exposed cords in the window blinds are a strangulation hazard for children. So, upgrade to an advanced version of window blinds that pose more safety to your kids.

Out of Style

Do you still have the same window treatment you installed when your home was built? Then, it is high time to ditch those old-fashioned window blinds. They make your home look dated, can be easily worn out and could be potentially dangerous. So, choose the best window treatments such as roman blinds online to enhance the look of your home and maximise privacy.

Whether you are looking for an energy efficient upgrade or want to replace your existing window treatment, visit https://www.superblindsmart.com.au/ to buy blinds online at affordable rates.

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