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HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation and air conditioning”’ an HVAC system is mainly used for moderating the temperature of the interior of a building or a home and it also used to maintain a comfortable level for the inhabitants. Such systems are used in commercial places as well as in homes; during the summers the air-conditioning is used to provide cool air while in cold winters the HVAC system supplies heat. The HVAC system works efficiently when all the functions of this system are functioning properly. This system used less power while using the heating and cooling function which makes it more efficient.  The HVAC parts store can be found very easily and these parts can also be found online; so one can make their own choice. One should look out for high quality units and components from trusted and reputable manufacturers.

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While buy the HVAC components a person should be aware of the components that make the HVAC system like:

  • Furnace- This is large and is installed in the basement, attic or a closet; this is usually filled with hot water, air or steam which pushes the cold or the hot air into the ducts which then reach every room. The ducts allow both warm and cool air to pass into the rooms.
  • Heat exchanger- The heat exchanger can be found in every furnace unit; the heat exchanger begins to function as soon as the thermostat activates. When the cool air enters the heat exchanger it is heated and blow out. The heat exchanger works according to the furnace; so if the furnace operates on gas the heating is done by has burners and if it uses electricity then it is done via electric rolls.
  • Refrigerant lines- These are the metal tubes that carry out the liquid for evaporation and then returns the gas to the condensing unit. They are designed in such a manner that they can function under extreme heat and cold weather.
  • Condensing unit- This is installed outside the building or the house; the condensing unit helps in heat exchange with the exterior air.
  • Thermostat- This controls the functioning of the furnace; it has a temperature sensing technology as well as user controls. The people can manually set the thermostat to a certain temperature.
  • Ducts- The ducts are made up of aluminium which is quite lightweight; they can also be manufactured from steel, flexible plastic, fibreglass or fabric. This is the system of ducts that transports air warmed or cooled by the ducts to the various areas of the home.
  • Vents- Vents can handle a wide range of temperatures and are usually made of metal; it can be manually controlled so the users can change the angle accordingly.

The HVAC parts store has all the parts and units for selection but if you want you can buy them online also as they guarantee shipping of products and also guarantee money in case the part needs to be sent back.

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