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A new perspective on Scandinavian design

A new perspective on lamp designs is exactly what the Finnish brand in designer lamps, Muuto is trying to show with their lamp collections.

The Finnish designer brand Muuto, got its name from the Finnish word ‘muutos’, which means ‘new perspective’. New perspective is a good description of the Scandinavian brand, that are trying to shake things up when it comes to Scandinavian design.

All of the lamps in Muuto’s collection are designed and created in many different colors and alternative materials, that makes the lamps really unique and the trademark for Muuto. For example, the Muuto wood table lamp pine, an architect lamp, is entirely made out of wood- from the lamp shade to the feet. The Cosy in grey table lamp is made out of transparent glass, even the lamp screen, which makes the expression really unique. Both lamps can be bought at lampemesteren.com, that offers a huge range in Muuto lamps.

Different lamps- same philosophy

Every Muuto lamp is characterized by their soft and elegant shapes, together with a raw edge that makes them unique, and that is accompanied with the philosophy to recognize cleanness and precision in every lamp from the Finnish designer brand.

In Muuto’s collection, there is a lamp for everyone and for every room. Lampemesteren.com offers small and large pendants, table lamps, standing lamps and mounted lamps. They come in eye-catching colors, as well as modern tones.

One of the most popular Muuto collections is the E27 pendulum. The silicone rubber and the LED bulb makes the iconic design, that are so simple, and it is known and owned by many lamp owners. The pendulum can be used on its own, in a row or as a cluster to create innovative and different designs. This lamp is available in both matte, neutral and bright colors, that makes it doable to put up in both the hallway, living room, kitchen and office.

The simplicity is the keyword when it comes to the Scandinavian brand Muuto, that are trying to make a new perspective on the Scandinavia designing scene.

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