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3 Essential Factors for a Good Painting

There are things like good composition, good layering, clear focal points, deliberate brush strokes, which are essential to make a good painting. There are three important things important for a successful painting will be discussed in the article. The sign of successful artist not only lies in the recreation, it is in the way they make a good painting with an available material in hand. This will become possible only with an experience for years and a huge practicing, for that you must start practicing from now onwards. Below-mentioned are the three essential factors for a good painting;

  1. Good Focal Point: It is known as a main focus of the painting. It can be a subtle or a bold form, any size or any shape. Choice of colors is totally dependent on you and a composition of a painting. Focal points should tell the story of the painting. Other parts are used only for the weaving of that story. Focal points must engage the viewers in a painting.
  2. Layering: It is of no use if you are not aware of proper layering of colors. The Distance between two colors must be painted smooth and it must have a realistic touch. Colors help to give an actual feeling to your painting. Whether you want your painting with the dramatic feel or vibrant feel, subtle feel or a tranquil feel. This all has relied upon the color choice. For that reason, the building of colors in painting should go in a smoother way while the color passes from one direction to other.
  3. Stroke Directions: We must take a look at the brushstrokes in a painting. Brushstrokes define your experience and expertise as an artist. If not professional, it does not have any meaning of strokes, but being a professional, it always gives a realistic touch with the directions by which brushstrokes are clearly seen.

When you move your brush, it describes some statement to the viewers. It will become beneficial if you are doing it in a right way. You must keep accurate angles in mind while working with your brush on the canvas.

These factors are normally used by the professional artist, which make their paintings different from everyone. The last but important point, yet not been told, is obviously a practice! You cannot be a great artist without a practice. Try to paint a picture from a friend’s picture, by which you can pen down the pints you need to focus on.

It is not important what kind of material you are using; it is the right technique which is essential for a perfect piece of art, without that nothing can be done.

You must think of these points before you start making the next portrait. You will surely notice the change in a final outcome. Try to express the best story from your artwork and when a viewer comes to know it, you can ask why. Have a Happy Painting!

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