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What Drives the Air Conditioning Complications Solved?

When the outside temperature is high, the air conditioning in the car ensures pleasantly tempered air. The air conditioning compressor is the central element of the air conditioner without which the temperature regulation of the interior does not work. The driven by the engine via a V-ribbed belt or an electric motor compressor has the task to compress the refrigerant in the cooling circuit of the air conditioning. As a result of various processes, the air inside the car cools down.

Summer Issues

In the summer months, the air conditioning compressor is exposed to heavy loads. In combination with a high age or a material defect, it can lead to a failure. In the event of a defect, the temperature in the car can no longer be regulated to the desired value. Also, the windshield fog is a security risk. Therefore, it is recommended to replace a defective air conditioning compressor as soon as possible. The Scottsdale AC repair option is the best there.

Symptoms of Defect

In the event of a defect, the compressor can no longer sufficiently cool the air in the interior of the car. Cooling down from, for example, 30 ° C to 20 ° C is no longer possible. Noise from the engine compartment can feel a defect in the compressor. These can be hissing and repeat themselves regularly. If this is the case, it is advisable to have the compressor checked by a workshop. Other causes may be a capacitor failure or a dirty expansion valve or throttle valve. Your workshop can locate the cause of the noise.

The Noise

Noises from the air conditioning compressor do not necessarily indicate a defect. They also arise, for example, when there is too much or contaminated refrigerant in the cooling circuit. This creates high pressure in the cooling circuit, which leads to the described noise. Here, draining or replacing the refrigerant eliminates the problem.

Component change

Work on the air conditioning system must always be carried out by a specialist workshop. The system of the car air conditioning system is under high pressure and inside the cooling circuit are toxic and environmentally harmful gases and liquids. Repair and replacement of the air conditioning compressor are therefore in the hands of a knowledgeable mechanic or an air conditioning service provider. When repairing or replacing the AC compressor, it is necessary to remove the engine cover and release the V-ribbed belt. Before removing the compressor, the cooling circuit must be emptied by a specialist. Only they can keep the refrigerant properly and then dispose of it. Without expertise help, the harmful gases or liquids could not escape.

After changing the component, the cooling circuit must be refilled and checked for leaks. The work requires a variety of special tools that are only available to a specialist workshop in air conditioning.

What costs?

If you need a replacement for your defective air conditioning compressor, you will have to reckon on the replacement part with costs between 120 and 450. Prices vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. With such high costs, many car owners think directly of a used spare part. Supports from Scottsdale AC repair service are there. Here, however, the question arises, how long and how intensively the used compressor was used. In general, a new part is preferable because it has a warranty.

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